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I have handled hundreds of felony cases at every level, from fourth through the first degree. Where most attorneys back down from a threat of trial, I do not. If it turns out that your case is one that has to be tried, you should know that I am more than willing to fight for you and meet that challenge.

It’s difficult to think of a situation more serious than a felony criminal charge, but if you find yourself in this situation. Your future is not over, and I will work with you to figure out the best solution based on the facts of your case, the conduct of the police, and what is likely to happen at trial. I can help get you through this scary puzzle.

Criminal Case Stages









What Happens After the Arrest?

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

      Under the 6th Amendment of the US Constitution, you have the right to a speedy trial. This means that the courts cannot jail you indefinitely between your arrest and your trial. If the courts wish to delay the onset of your trial, they must prove that they have legitimate grounds for doing so.

What’s a Defense Attorney?

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

    Unlike prosecutors, a criminal defense lawyer may become involved at a much earlier stage in the criminal justice process. They often begin providing legal services even before criminal charges have been formally filed against the suspect. For example, they can assist and protect suspects who are being interrogated by the police or other legal authorities. 

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