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On average a DWI case is the most complicated charge that attorneys handle. The days of entering a plea to DWI/DUI and putting it behind you are long gone. Automatically deferred adjudications are a thing of the past in Texas. They no longer exist. New Mexico is just as tough, especially in the border towns. It seems the states and prosecutors have completely set aside common sense.

Now, the state just wants convictions and numbers. I will do everything possible to make a difference in your case, but even if you decide to hire someone else, please hire your own attorney. Do not settle for a court-appointed public defender. What they say is true; you get what you pay for.


Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

You Have Options

Does a DUI mean all options are gone? No. You can fight back. The police really do make mistakes. Even though a lot of other attorneys think the arrest looks clean, I have been successful in finding many ways to attack a DUI case.


Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

Ask Questions

Did the police truly have reasonable suspicion to stop you? Is their decision to pull you from the car legit? Were the field sobriety tests done correctly? Was the intoxilyzer working properly? Those are just a few of the thousands of issues that can be attacked in a DWI case.


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Follow the Right Strategy

It is critical to follow the right strategy depending on the facts and the law. In order to do that, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

“My philosophy of practice is fairly simple. I am a trial lawyer that helps people get through and solve very complicated problems. Before I take any case, I have to possess a reasonable belief that I can accomplish what you want and need to be done.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal Background Check Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

How long does the DWI conviction stay on my record? Can it be expunged?

A DWI conviction stays permanently on your record. A DWI arrest may not be expunged unless you are found not guilty or the case is dismissed.

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What is a DWI Surcharge?

A DWI surcharge is a fee assessed by DPS every year for 3 years to keep your driver’s license. The surcharge ranges from $1000 – $2000 per year depending on various circumstances.

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

What happens if I refuse the breathalyzer test?

You are facing a potential 180 days license suspension which can be challenged in the ALR hearing.