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                                   You didn’t wake up this morning thinking it would be great to talk with a lawyer, no one does. You are looking for someone to help with a serious issue. People come to me needing answers. I’m a trial lawyer, solving problems is what I do.

I will also represent you in misdemeanor AND felony cases.


DWI Arrests in Texas Last Year

Your not alone and you must fight.

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DWI Convictions in Texas last year.

Don't be part of this statistic.

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What Are Clients Saying About Len Walker

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas
Testimonial of Caleb C.

``Cut and Dry, Honest and Effective``

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

His character said alot about him, really friendly guy, down to earth.

Conner C.

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

He would never falsely promise anything or misguide on what the outcome was going to be.

Caleb C.


I'm glad I found someone who could help my case and enjoys motorcycles.

Louis F.


Very helpful with my case and a great guy.

Samuel M

Kerri T Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

I can just go talk to him one on one and explain what I need done, he'll look at it and tell me what he recomends.

Kerri T.


So glad my divorce got settled without all the mess of most cases.

Mary A


A seasoned attorney with the experience you need

Licensed in Texas and New Mexico, Len Walker will take your problems seriously and work from start to finish without telling you to take a plea just to close your case.

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