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Let’s face it, sometimes a marriage just heads south. People think it is a simple matter to get divorced. That’s correct as far as the initial filing, but what’s really important is what happens AFTER the divorce. Who will have primary custody of the children? What about visitation? Who makes decisions about schools and church attendance? What about the equity you have in your house, retirement accounts, or investments? These are just a few basic issues that have to be thought out, discussed, negotiated, and fought over in Court.

Define Problem

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Every single one of us seeks happiness at home, but sometimes problems come up that have to be dealt with. The biggest hurdle for people is facing the emotions involved. For that reason alone, you need to have a competent and strong lawyer representing your interests.

Ask Questions

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

What should I do for my case? I’ll take care of the argument and negotiation for you, and in court, I will address and fight for every important point that you need accomplished.

Execute Strategy

Len Walker Best DWI Lawyer Amarillo Texas

Whether you are seeking a divorce, change in custody, or modification of support, what you really need is to have the matter concluded. I will get you through this ordeal, and when it is over, the issue will be finished, final, and done.

“My philosophy of practice is fairly simple. I am a trial lawyer that helps people get through and solve very complicated problems. Before I take any case, I have to possess a reasonable belief that I can accomplish what you want and need to be done.”

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What is the best way to settle property issues?

Both spouses can minimize trial time and cost by entering into an agreement. This type of agreement settles the rights and responsibilities of each party concerning the issues of child custody, visitation, support, personal property, etc. It must be fair as well as complete and detailed. Both parties must be in agreement. Of course, that’s not always possible so you may need to go to a full hearing. This agreement carries the weight of a court order.

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How is Custody Determined?

Similar to property issues, child custody is best agreed on by both parties. Contrary to popular belief, men often obtain full custody in divorce. The court will always base custody issues on the best interest of the child.

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What if the party ordered to pay support is not fulfilling their obligation?

Child support will be ordered by the court at the time of final judgment. A party who is obligated to pay child support or spousal support under an order of the court must continue to do so unless and until the court changes or terminates that obligation. If a party is not paying support, the court can use its contempt powers to punish the party who is not paying the support and to order that the arrange (past due support) be paid. The receiving spouse can always go to the court for assistance, and in most cases, the attorney general office will help the receiving spouse obtain payment.